Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Say Hello to Tao Institute

Dear Ones,

Last Saturday, at around 7:00 pm ET, I sent The Source Order to announce and bless the launching of our new on-line Tao Institute. Many of you were with me, either in-person or on the webcast, to celebrate this historic event. I asked Master Nina to give the essence of what she experienced when I gave the Order.

Master Nina:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Master Sha, for such a beautiful opening. We are truly blessed because this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world but here. The Tao Institute is where the theory, the practice, the blessings and the treasures are all together. So you’re not just studying, you’re not just learning the wisdom; you’re actually living the wisdom. You become the wisdom. You become the practice. Master Sha is leading us to reach the Tao, and that is amazing.

The first blessing was such a huge clearing. Countless Heaven’s generals and soldiers are part of the whole Tao Institute. I saw that there was a beautiful Tao Institute created in Heaven—Heaven’s Tao Institute. I saw there were countless saints and holy beings who are teachers and wisdom figures of various and highest wisdom of Heaven, and they all came. They came into the on-line Institute. When you come and study and take the classes, they will teach you. They will be with you. So you will be learning on the physical level and the spiritual and soul level. They’ll be blessings, downloads—it’s just like Heaven’s school on Mother Earth.

This is the essence. Thank you, Master Sha.

I asked Master Allan to do a short flow from Tian Wai Tian Divine:

Master Allan:

Hao! This is Tian Wai Tian Divine.

My dear daughters and sons. I love you. Our beloved Master Sha has created the highest school on Mother Earth and in Heaven. You will learn from countless saints the highest practices, great wisdom, and great knowledge that will help you heal and transform your life and that will empower you to be a better servant for others. I, and all of us in Heaven, will not only be supporting this highest Tao Institute of learning, wisdom, practice and more; we will also be attending this Tao Institute to learn ourselves. This will give you just a hint of what you can receive from the Tao Institute.

I call all of you to join, to study, to be empowered, to receive, and to take what you receive to serve others This is what I will do. This is what many countless souls in Heaven will also be doing beside you. We love you. We love, honor and thank our beloved Master Sha. Countless thank yous. Hao!

Do not wait. Go on line to the Tao Institute. Spend your time when you are at home to learn Tao sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to heal and transform every aspect of life.

Learn the wisdom
Receive the blessings.
Flourish in every aspect of life.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The True Secret for Financial Abundance

Dear Ones,

Why do many people have financial challenges? The root cause of poor finances and all kinds of financial challenges is bad karma. In order to self-clear karma, remember this teaching above: If you have any issues of body karma, mouth karma, or thought karma, please be serious and disciplined to correct them.

There is only one way for you to self-clear karma: Offer good service. Make others happier and healthier. Help humanity and Mother Earth pass through this difficult time of transition and purification that is the result of our huge collective negative karma.

To offer good service is to create good karma. Creating good karma reduces your karmic debt. If you offer good service, virtue from Heaven’s virtue bank is deposited to your virtue bank
account in your Akashic Record book. This good virtue comes to you in the form of Heaven’s flowers, which can be red, gold, rainbow, purple, crystal, or mixed colors. Virtue or Heaven’s flowers are spiritual currency. This heavenly reward repays your karmic debt step by step. You must clear your karmic debt first. When this root blockage is removed, you will then have the possibility of seeing your finances flourish.

Virtue is yin money, which is currency in the spiritual world. Money on Mother Earth is yang money, which is currency in the physical world. Just as a human being needs money to spend in the physical world, a soul needs virtue to spend in the spiritual world.

The one-sentence secret about the relationship between spiritual money and physical money is:

Virtue in the spiritual world can transform to money in the physical world and vice versa.

The top secret to transforming finances and business is:

Offer unconditional universal service to transform your finances and business.


Join me and Adam Markel, Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, for our Soul Over Matter Workshop in San Diego, California via in-person or live webcast. This will truly be an extraordinary event that no one should miss. You know my heart. I am the servant of humanity and all souls. I will bless your financial journey. Together we have the power to create abundance and flourishing in all aspects of life. Do not miss! Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Step Into Tao Source Communication

There are thousands, even millions, of people worldwide who want to do soul communication. Their souls have yearned for this for many years. Some have waited for many lifetimes. Most likely, you are one of these people. All of you now have the opportunity to learn how to do soul communication. 

I have taught thousands of people worldwide how to open their spiritual (soul communication) channels, which are the Soul Language Channel, the Direct Soul Communication Channel, the Third Eye Channel, and the Direct Knowing Channel. These students have opened their spiritual channels by communicating with the Divine daily and by receiving blessings to purify and transform their spiritual channels. I have certified hundreds of advanced students as Divine Direct Soul Communicators. They receive wisdom and teaching directly from the spiritual world to empower every aspect of life. You can receive all of the benefits that they have received and are receiving. 

I am delighted to announce our new two-year Tao Source Communicator Certification Training Program, which begins next month in August. Before, I taught soul communication. I am still teaching soul communication, but I am moving to Tao Source communication because I am representing the Tao. I am teaching Tao. I am the servant of Divine and Tao to bring Divine and Tao sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to humanity and to all souls. My Worldwide Representatives and I are communicating directly with Tao. Tao is the Source. Tao is The Way. Tao is the creator of Heaven, Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Tao Source communication is a profound gift for this era, the Soul Light Era, which began on August 8, 2003. Tao Source communication makes it possible to have a direct conversation with your spiritual fathers and mothers, with the highest saints, with the Divine and Tao, with any soul you wish to communicate with. The wisdom, healing, rejuvenation and transformation that come from Tao communication are without limits. You will be amazed at how Tao Source communication will change your life. Many secrets will be revealed to you. The root of many obstacles will be revealed.

Tao Source communication is a key to priceless treasures. These treasures include opening your spiritual channels, receiving teachings from the highest levels of the Soul World, being in the presence of an extraordinary frequency connected with the topic of your communication, and much, much more. You will learn so much. You will be able to offer high-level service to humanity. To serve humanity as a Certified Tao Source Communicator is to make others healthier and happier. Your life will be blessed beyond words. Those who receive your service be blessed.

Through Tao Source communication, you can receive direct guidance from the Divine and Tao. Anyone can learn how to communicate directly with the Divine and Tao and the highest spiritual teachers in Heaven. Open your soul communication channels to directly receive their teaching, wisdom and knowledge. This will increase your intelligence and your abilities to benefit every aspect of your life. Through Tao communication, you can also directly invoke the Divine, Tao, and high spiritual beings to request their healing and blessings for your life, including your relationships and business. Open your soul communication channels to allow soul communication to transform every aspect of your life. Transformation can be applied to businesses, careers, relationships, emotions, physical conditions and your entire spiritual journey. You can use Tao source communication for all aspects of your life. The possibilities for transformation are limitless.

Humanity is waiting for the opportunity to have Tao Source communication be part of daily life. As more and more people do Tao Source communication, blessings and healings will touch every part of daily life. Tao communication is not limited to those on a spiritual journey. It is open to all humanity. Imagine how different Mother Earth will be as more and more people develop their ability to do Tao source communication. It is a gift to each individual. It is also a gift to all humanity and to Mother Earth.

Allow my Worldwide Representative and top teachers to be your servant by sharing soul wisdom and soul secrets about Tao communication. Allow them to share secret techniques to open your spiritual channels. Allow them to serve you by sharing the soul wisdom to facilitate your spiritual journey. Tao Source communication will serve you well if you are willing to uplift your spiritual standing and fulfill your spiritual journey. It will serve you well if you are willing to transform every aspect of your life, as well as offer unconditional service to humanity during these challenging times.

Humanity is suffering. We must jump out from the suffering. Tao Source communication will guide humanity out from the suffering. Tao Source Communicators are special chosen servants to help ease the suffering of humanity during Mother Earth’s transition. Step into the role of a powerful servant to help manifest love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, Heaven, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Click here for more details about the Tao Source Communicator Certification Training Program. You will receive powerful teachings and blessings to develop your Tao Source communication abilities and to accelerate your soul journey beyond comprehension.

Receive the blessings.
Learn the wisdom.
Put it into practice.
Benefit from it.   
Serve humanity.
Serve all souls.
Accomplish your soul journey.
Meld with Tao!

Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Monday, June 13, 2016

Greatest Humility

Dear Ones,

“Qian Bei” (pronounced chyen bay) means humility. “Da Qian Bei” means greatest humility. Humility is vital for one’s spiritual journey. Humility is one of the keys to reaching Tao. Tao is humility. Tao creates everyone and everything. Tao nourishes everyone and everything. Tao does not take any credit for anyone or anything. Tao lets you make your own life decisions. If you ask Tao, Tao always blesses you unconditionally. Therefore, Tao is humility.

Many people on the spiritual journey and in physical life have gotten lost because of ego. When one experiences success, one could become very proud of one’s power or importance. Ego could cause one to make huge mistakes.

Chapter nine of Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing includes this sentence: Fu gui er jiao, zi yi qi jiu (pronounced foo gway ur jee-yow, dz yee chee jeo). This means wealth plus pride will bring disasters to you.

There are many powerful people on Mother Earth. Many people may honor them. Some of them may think they are special. The moment a person thinks he or she is special, spiritual growth stops. That one could also receive lessons in physical health, relationships, business, and more.

Humility is extremely important in all life. In one sentence:

Humility advances every aspect of life.

How can we practice to develop Da Qian Bei? It is very simple.

Say hello:

Dear Tao mantra, Da Qian Bei,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Please transform my ego.
Please help me to always remain humble.
Please bless my life.
Thank you.

Chant with me now:

Da Qian Bei (pronounced dah chyen bay)
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei
Da Qian Bei ...

You can make a specific request or you can ask for a blessing for all of your life. Humility is one of the keys for the purification journey and the Tao journey.

I cannot emphasize chanting Da Qian Bei enough. Chant as much as you can. Ego is such a huge issue for humanity. Always remember, the more humble you are, the more success you can achieve in your life.


Join me this Saturday for my Open Your Heart and Soul Meditation Series: Greatest Humility, beginning at 3:00 pm EST. I am your unconditional servant to bless you to remove all kinds of shen qi jing blockages to gain greater humility for your life. Call your friends and family to join.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Become a Guan Yin Lineage Holder

Dear Ones,

Why are we creating Guan Yin Lineage holders at this time? Guan Yin has come to Mother Earth about 1. 7 million lifetimes. From birth to death is one lifetime. Most of us have lesser than 1000 lifetimes. Most of us are very young souls. To serve more than one million lifetimes is very special.

On August 8, 2003 (the beginning of this new 15,000-year era) Guan Yin reached Level 2 Saint’s position. The honor of being a Guan Yin lineage holder is beyond, beyond comprehension. We have lesser than 1000 lifetimes, then “transmission!” – you receive Guan Yin lineage holder download and you are uplifted to Level 2 Saint.

If we have 1000 lifetimes or less and Guan Yin came to Mother Earth 1.7 million lifetimes, how could it be possible that we could be uplifted so high? Because Mother Earth is facing serious, beyond serious, challenges. You are the chosen one to become a Guan Yin lineage holder. Therefore, you are given such a high saint’s standing; you are given such power that you can save people’s lives during the disaster period. That is the point. The moment you receive Guan Yin lineage blessing, you become a Level 2 Saint. Your book in the Akashic Records (the place that records your life) right away will move to a new place.

Guan Yin’s lineage includes countless layers of Divine, Tao, and Source. It includes the highest layers and infinite dimensions. The requirement is to memorize the Da Bei Zhou—Guan Yin’s Big Compassion Mantra. When you try to memorize, you could have difficulty. It could go in one ear and out the other. You cannot memorize because of the shen qi jing blockages—your negative karma. Therefore, I have made available a special 8-week training class, as well as a very-special crown chakra blessing to prepare you to memorize the Da Bei Zhou and prepare you to become a Guan Yin lineage holder. This crown chakra blessing is from Guan Yin and Guan Yin’s teacher, 
Qian Guang Jing Wang, through countless layers of Divine, Tao, Source, beyond Source, infinity Source, beyond infinity Source to the ultimate Source. This kind of crown chakra blessing has never happened before. I have given this power to my two lineage holders, Master Cynthia and Master Maya, to offer only for the next couple of weeks. Everyone must apply and be approved to receive.

Why are we offering this extraordinary blessing? Because I just know you need to be prepared. Why is it that I can offer Guan Yin lineage? Think about it. If I am not connected with Guan Yin, how can I offer lineage holder? My advanced students understand. There are thousands of Guan Yin and Buddhist temples worldwide. I honor every spiritual father, buddhas and major masters. No one offers lineage holder to Guan Yin. This is a beyond-extraordinary opportunity for all your lifetimes. Do not miss! Prepare yourself to serve humanity in a very special way during the coming years. We are all extremely blessed.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Monday, May 16, 2016

Greatest Light

The fourth Da (greatest) quality is Da Guang Ming (pronounced dah gwahng ming). “Guang” means light. “Ming” means transparency. “Da Guang Ming” means greatest light and transparency. Light heals the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies; prevents all sickness; purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body; transforms relationships, business, and finances; increases intelligence; opens spiritual channels; enlightens the soul, heart, mind, and body; and brings success to every aspect of life.

Practice is very simple. Da Guang Ming is one of the greatest mantras. Join me to practice now!

Say hello:

Dear Da Guang Ming,
I love you.
Please heal_______________ (make your request).
Please transform my relationship with _____________ (name the person).
Please bless my finances.
Please increase my intelligence.
Please bless ___________ (make a request for any aspect of life).
I am very grateful.
Thank you. 

Then chant:

Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming

Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming
Da Guang Ming ...

Chant for ten minutes per time, at least three times a day. There is no time limit. The longer and the more often you chant, the better. For chronic and life-threatening conditions or life challenges, chant for two hours or more per day. You can add all of your practice time together to total two hours or more. The more you chant, the better the results you could receive. 


Join me this Saturday for my Open Your Heart and Soul Meditation Series: Greatest Light, beginning at 3:00 pm EST. I will bless everyone with the Greatest Light to transform your life. Call your friends and family to join.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tao Calligraphy Training Universal Calling

Dear Ones,

Yesterday, during Sunday Divine Blessings teleconference, I made a universal calling to join my upcoming Tao Calligraphy Special Training in Toronto, April 25 – May 2. I sang my Tao Song for a few minutes to announce the power and significance of this most special and rare opportunity for your entire life. Afterward, I asked one of my top teachers, Master Francisco, to flow out a translation of my Tao Song calling. His words were as follows:

This is the Tao. My dearest sons and daughters, each one of you is extremely blessed to be present on the line on this day. As Master Sha was speaking, and as Master Sha connected with Heaven to give the orders, each of you was blessed. In fact, he was blessing your path to become a Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Healer. For those who are already Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Healers, he was blessing your ability to reach a higher level of accuracy in drawing the strokes—in drawing the beautiful calligraphies—to help each of you to develop your healing power to become Master Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Healers, and, for some of you, teachers.

Humanity is suffering. Mother Earth is suffering. Tao Soul Light Calligraphy will save humanity, will save your families, will save your pets—as you have heard from Master Laure’s story about the beloved dog. It truly is the highest healing power. Many of you on the line have Divine Healing Hands. You may not know that the next higher-level power is Tao Soul Light Calligraphy. In fact, the power of Tao Soul Light Calligraphy is over one million times more powerful than Divine Healing Hands. Recognize in your heart this great honor each of you have on this day.

You are loved and blessed.

Master Francisco always gives a great explanation.

Mother Earth’s transition will be beyond everyone’s comprehension. I just remind you again. I always mention the movie, The Ending of the World—2012. We have to be prepared. Generally speaking, people have not awakened enough. But when disaster comes, it could be very serious. We need the power of Tao Soul Light Calligraphy to help save as many lives as we can. Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity. You will be beyond blessed!

With love and blessing,

Master Sha